Who We Are

For more than 20 years, Principal’s Exchange has been a thought partner for districts and schools seeking innovative, practical, and effective solutions that accelerate learning and achievement.

Our mission is to empower administrators and educators – from the district boardroom to the school classroom – with the strategies, tools, and training to ensure every student receives a premium education that prepares them for success in and beyond college.

We work with our partners to drive and sustain equity-grounded, data-informed practices at the systems level because we believe that holistic transformation only happens when the entire system is aligned and working together to improve educational quality.

Over the course of our partnerships, we provide districts and schools with on-the ground-support from our dedicated team of Achievement Specialists who each bring decades of education expertise. All of our Achievement Specialists have held multiple leadership positions within the public education sector as district administrators, school principals, teaching coaches, and teachers in some of California’s highest need districts and schools.

Leadership Team

  • Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle
    Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
  • Marty Maya
    Marty Maya
    Chief of Staff
  • Allyson Gideon
    Allyson Gideon
    Senior Achievement Specialist
  • Danelle Almaraz
    Danelle Almaraz
    Senior Achievement Specialist

Achievement Specialists Team

  • Sarah Mott Gonzales
    Sarah Mott Gonzales
    Achievement Specialist
  • Scott McGuire
    Scott McGuire
    Achievement Specialist
  • Terry Burge
    Terry Burge
    Achievement Specialist
  • Genny Cadena
    Genny Cadena
    Achievement Specialist
  • Jeanette Salinas
    Jeanette Salinas
    Achievement Specialist
  • Melissa Brown

Support Team

  • David La Salle
    David La Salle
    Technology Director
  • Sara Shankin
    Sara Shankin
    Senior Data & Technology Specialist
  • Kristopher Carbone
    Kristopher Carbone
    Data Analyst & Developer
  • Andrea Robles
    Andrea Robles
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Dr. Ruth Johnson
    Dr. Ruth Johnson
    Senior Data & Equity Specialist
  • Robert Yoo
    Director of Development

Board of Directors

  • Randy Barth
    Chief Executive Officer
    Think Together
  • Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle
    Chief Executive Officer
    Principal’s Exchange
  • Sangeeth Peruri
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeremy Rogers
    Managing Partner
    Montana Avenue Capital Partners

Advisory Board

  • Victor Chiang
    Tiberius Family Office, Inc
  • Gee Kin Chou
    The Boombox Collaboratory

Principal’s Exchange + Think Together:
Working together to close California’s achievement gap

Since 1997, Principal’s Exchange and Think Together have each worked to address the root causes of the achievement gap using two research-based, school-tested approaches. Principal’s Exchange utilizes an improvement science framework that accelerates learning and collaboration across districts and school systems to create a foundation for transformation that has demonstrated evidence in increasing achievement for every student demographic. Think Together partners with districts and schools to change the odds for students by providing a robust suite of early learning, afterschool, and student support programs that equip them with the academic and non-academic knowledge and skills to succeed in and beyond college.

In 2015, Principal’s Exchange and Think Together began an affiliate partnership around a shared vision to close California’s achievement gap. Together, we provide our partners with an in-school and out-of-school support ecosystem that is impacting 190,000 students in 49 districts. Over the next 10 years, our collective vision is to transform every high-need district, strengthen and facilitate district networks for school improvement, and fully empower every student to graduate high school prepared to succeed in college and beyond.

Learn more about Think Together’s approach →

Think Together Board of Directors

  • Darrel Anderson
    Secretary/President (Ret.)
    Knott Anderson Enterprises
  • Doug Antone
    President & CEO (Ret.)
    Networks in Motion
  • Leona Aronoff-Sadacca
    Aronoff Capital
  • Randy Barth
    Founder & CEO
    Think Together
  • Steve Bilt
    President & CEO
    Smile Brands, Inc.
  • Eric Boden
    Chairman & CEO (Ret.)
  • Celeste Cantú
    General Manager
    Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
  • Mary Lynn Coffee
    Attorney at Law
    Nossaman, LLP
  • Kendra Doyel
    Group VP, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs
    Ralphs Grocery Company
  • Glenn Howard
    Treasurer/Attorney & CPA
    Law Offices of Glenn A. Howard
  • Fran Inman
    Senior VP
    Majestic Realty Co.
  • John Lee
    Executive VP
  • Paolo Leon
    MVE + Partners, Inc.
  • Juan Lopez
    Superintendent (Ret.)
    Val Verde Unified School District
  • Sangeeth Peruri
  • Marti Remmell
    Community Leader
  • Steven Robertson
    Board Member
    True Capital Management, LLC
  • Ken Salgado
    Assurance Partner
    PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
  • Bernie Salvatore
    Orora Packaging Solutions
  • Earl Slee
    Executive VP
    Medtronic Neurovascular
  • Bill Tamblyn
    Space-Time Insights
  • Dawn Trautman
    Executive VP, Life Insurance Division
    Pacific Life Insurance Co.
  • Julie Vennewitz-Pierce
    Global Philanthropy & Employee Engagement
  • Jeffrey Wahba
    Co-CEO (Ret.)
    Farmer Brothers
  • Dan Young
    Camino Enterprises